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August 29, 2017


Since 18th June 2017, we have already walked over 2,000kms across Austria, Germany, France, England and Wales and are now inviting members of the public to 'Share a Leg' on our final journey northwards throughout Ireland.  Having already had a few online offers to join the walk we are hoping some people will be able to do so either for a few miles or even a full day, depending on the individual circumstances. Living in such close quarters over the last two months we can safely say that we are looking forward to some new faces and some new conversation !

We are due to arrive in Rosslare, Co. Wexford from Fishguard in Wales on the afternoon of 31st August. We will then be making our way up the East coast (including through some of the Wicklow mountains) before arriving in Dublin where we will take a rest day. From there we will head northwards via Ashbourne, Ardee, Carrickmacross and Castleblaney, before crossing the border for the final few miles to Keady, Co. Armagh. The anticipated route and live tracker are available on this website and we will be adding more detail on our exact routes and roads


As well as raising awareness of the importance of dementia research throughout their walk, as you know we are also raising much-needed funds for dementia research and are supporting both The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and The Alzheimer's Society in NI and UK. We would be delighted if people wanted to use the walk as a platform to raise more funds for the very worthy cause - either through the existing online fundraising pages that you can find on the Donate page of this website or some you have set up yourself.

More information about the 'Share a Leg' idea can be found on our Facebook Event page here - where you can register your interest. We will also provide regular updates via our Twitter account @DementiaWalk and via #LongWalkHome .


We've also added a downloadable Sponsorship form to the Donate page of the website, which people may find useful to raise funds if they are going to 'Share a Leg' of our journey. They can then share the funds raised with us directly or via the relevant online donation pages.







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