All donations very welcome...all ways

August 2, 2017

As we move ever closer to home we've been delighted with the interest in and support for our efforts so far. We have also been adding various ways to support the fundraising aspect of the trek and as we near England & Wales have most recently added a rather handy UK SMS Text option for those of you who may have one of those mobile phone devices that everyone is talking about. Here are the details on how to do it. It's administered via the reputable JustGiving charity people and every penny of the donation will go to the cause - but you may be charged for the text itself (assuming it's not within your data contract already). You will even be given the option to add 'gift-aid' which adds to the donation without hitting your pocket. 


You can of course continue to use the other online options available on our Donate Page for larger donations - just check which country applies so we can manage your donation appropriately. With the help of some friends in the various charities we are supporitng in the UK and Ireland we will even be able to take cash soon - so keep an eye out for the buckets. 


Thanks ! 



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