Excuses excuses...

July 7, 2017

Well, hello again everyone. Sorry for not blogging again sooner, but southern Bavaria is proving to be a challenge as far as connecting up to the Internet is concerned-. no wifi, and very weak mobile coverage. Yesterday evening, we asked a heavily pregnant waitress in a Gasthof in Haunshofen if they had wifi, and after she'd stopped laughing (and us as well, because we had all joined in in the jovial moment) she explained that they were very lucky to have any kind of telephone connection at all. Today we happened to read in the local paper that there is a lot of political mud-slinging on the subject. One opposition fellow calling the man in charge a "digitaler Flachwurzler". Stick that one into Google translate and see what comes out.
So yeah, that's the reason for our reduced blogging activity... that and the fact that we (and by that I mean I) are completely knackered at the end of each day having done between 36 and 39 km.
We should be taking a day off on 9th July so there'll be lots of catching up then.
See y'all 



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