Crossing Over

July 3, 2017

So, here we are... in Bavaria. The crossing of the border was not as spectacular as you might think: An old deserted railway yard with tracks patiently rusting away, obviously disused for decades, it was reminiscent of a long forgotten WW2 film set ... at least to me (maybe I've watched a few too many of the genre).

But no checkpoints or searches for us. We had to double check on our various online maps to make sure we'd actually crossed over as it were. I did sense my otherwise redundant passport in my belly bag puff itself up and ready itself for duty, only to deflate in disappointment seconds later, when it realised there would be no stern and distrusting eyes perusing it's pages today.

Anyway, this evening we are in Germany in a hut looking back at Austria and the Wilde Kaiser region, where we spent the last few days due to the bad weather. It is with a heavy heart that we leave our beloved Austria behind, but it is with an equally open heart and mind that we venture down tomorrow into the German lowlands.

Good night ... and can someone arrange to have those bloody cowbells turned off.They're doing my head in.😉 



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