A terrible beauty

June 28, 2017

A couple of days ago, during a radio interview, John Toal suggested that we would be going to Ireland "over hill and down dale". In many instances, that is exactly what we have found ourselves doing. Recently, however, the journey has been more a case of - over towering mountain and down precarious scree-filled inclines where one slip would leave you a broken wreck at the bottom of a gorge. Add to that the estimated 200 bpm heartrate, and your legs screaming up at you constantly, "Why are you doing this to us?"
Terrible, and even terrifying indeed.

But boy, those mountains! I can't imagine that the pictures and videos previously uploaded do justice to the breathtaking views presented to the hiker when he or she eventually reaches the top. That walk (and I use the word "walk" loosely) from the Sticklerhütte to Unterwandalm was one of the most beautiful that I've ever undertaken. Highly recommended ... for people with an above average level of physical fitness and no fear of imminent death. 

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