The Big wash

June 24, 2017

When was the last time you had a hot shower, and thought to yourself, "...Hold on... this feels nice! Well, just take that thought and multiply it by ... I don't know ... a million or something, and you might have some idea of how I felt today when I turned on the water of the shower in our guesthouse room. The shower itself wasn't anything special like a power shower (or par shar as we folks up in the north are reported to say). No, it was just above dribble on the waterflow scale, but it was a revelation. It was like stepping forward 100 years into the 21st century and wondering to yourself, why didn't someone think of this before. More similar revelations followed when I turned on the tap to wash my hands, swithched on the light, switched off the light, lay on the bed ... Right, I think you get the idea. I was like that caveman in that really crappy film back in the 80s or 90s who found himself transported through time to the modern world.

I'll not go into the nitty gritty of the current state of my personal hygiene; suffice to say, we have had to forego some of the more basic conveniences of modern living. The jury's still out as to whether I like this no-mod-cons lifestyle. Certainly today, I did appreciate the creature comforts as listed above.

Gotta turn in now, as we have to get up early to avoid the predicted thunderstorms. We're climbing to the Sticklerhütte at an altitude of 1750 m. Wish us luck. 



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